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If you are a lover of hammocks and being outdoors relaxing and enjoying the cool breezes, the warm sunshine and sleeping under the stars, then you know you need a great pillow to add more comfort to these experiences. If you have been shopping around for hammock pillows then you have noticed the mind blowing prices and the seemingly poor quality of most of the hammock pillows, out there today. With the Texsport Canvas Hammock Pillow, you get the highest quality at the lowest price. It is a spectacular product and offers in the outdoors what your bed pillow offers inside, total and complete comfort for your head to sink into.

Pillow Talk

The Texsport Canvas Hammock Pillow offers a cover of natural colored, heavy-duty canvas that is water and weather resistant that is of the highest quality on the market today. The cover is removable, and it can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer to clean it with great ease and efficiency. The inner polyester pillow encases a filling of one hundred percent Insublok TM polyester insulation. The fabulous filling creates excellent support and comfort and is super fluffy that it seems to cradle your head as you drift off in sleep. On one side there are two hook ‘n’ loop straps to keep the pillow in place by attaching them to the spreader bar of the hammock.


With the cover being fully removable and machine washable provides the owner with easy cleaning. The use of canvas makes the cover much more durable to weather and water as long as it is sealed properly and the filling of the inside pillow is high-grade polyester and should last longer than other fillers. The measurements of the rectangular pillow are thirty-four inches by fourteen inches, and the massive size of the pillow allows for more support for your head and neck. The use of Velcro makes attaching the pillow to the spreader bar of the hammock extremely easy and fast.


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To sum up, the Texsport Canvas Hammock Pillow is made with heavy-duty material and filler so you can have the comfortable experience of having your bed pillow outside. You will get great support for your head and neck while enveloping and cradling your head in fluffiness. So go out and sleep under the stars or enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon lying around doing nothing but letting this wonderful pillow carry you into dreamland.