If you are an adventurist and love backpacking, then you know the need for lightweight gear for easy carrying ability. The best backpacking hammock that is lightweight but extremely durable is no other than the Rocky Peak Single Person Ultralight Camping Hammock. Its state of the art new design for backpacking and hiking gives the ease of portability with strong, lasting durability.

Durable and Lightweight

The Rocky Peak Single Person Ultralight Camping Hammock is approximately eight and a half feet of pure enjoyment. It weighs a mere one and a half pounds making it super lightweight for ease of portability. The triple stitched seams provide the support and durability to hold up to four hundred pounds.

Parachute Nylon Relaxation

This is the best backpacking hammock made with the highest quality parachute nylon that allows breathability to allow air to flow through the fabric to keep you cool. The special woven fabric is soft and will cradle your body to allow you the feeling of support with no sliding around within it. With the fade resistant vibrant colors of the fabric, you will want to seek relaxation within its confines that will give you the utmost in pleasure.

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Easy Setup and Packing

The Rocky Peak Ultralight Hammock comes with a seventy-eight inch long poly rope which is completely long enough to be able to hang this delightful hammock between trees. The added easy clip stainless steel carabiners allow easy attachment anywhere plus with the purchase of this hammock you get free hammock straps for safely strapping your hammock to tree trunks. These straps normally cost twenty-five dollars, and they are yours free. When you’re done using the hammock, it packs up quickly into a stuff sack and will be about the size of a grapefruit which you can easily put back in your backpack.

So if you are an avid backpacker and want the relaxation and durability of the best backpacking hammock on the market today, look no further than the ultra-lightweight, super bright colored durability of the Rocky Peak Single Person Ultralight Camping Hammock. You will have pure relaxation enjoyment in the great outdoors for years to come. This hammock comes with a lifetime warranty and a one hundred percent money back guarantee. If you simply don’t like the hammock, you can keep it, and they will refund all of your money back to you. They also provide services to fix ripped seams at no cost to you.