One of the most annoying things about camping, hunting or backpacking in nature is the tiny pests like no-see-ums and mosquitoes that are plentiful and relentless. With the Texsport Wilderness Hammock with Mosquito Netting, you get total protection from these aggravating creatures while being in complete comfort and style. The hammock is designed using the highest quality materials that are strong and durable to provide lasting power, strength to support weight and it is weather resistant in even the most severe conditions.

Pest Free Environment

The one hundred percent cotton mesh walls that completely surround the hammock bed provide complete protection from those pesky insects. With the strong stitching and durable cotton material even if your entire body weight rolls over on the seams and mesh, it can withstand immense amounts of pressure. The rugged one hundred percent cotton canvas hammock bed provides ample space to sleep and relax being twenty-eight inches wide, eighteen inches high and a depth of eighty-two inches. The weather resistant roof is made of top notch nylon fabric and can provide shelter even during the most severe weather.

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Safety and Durability

The entire nylon top is fire retardant and has steel rings at each end to give you the ability to tie off and rope to trees to keep it lifted. The mesh sides are also fire retardant and will keep out even those super tiny no-see-ums. The sturdy and strong zippers provide easy access in and out of the hammock. Each seam is intricately stitched to provide maximum strength and durability, so no ripping occurs. All stress points throughout the assembly are reinforced to provide complete support of up to two hundred and fifty pounds. It all very compactly and with great ease can be put into its canvas storage case for easy traveling.

So if you are an avid camper or are on a hunting excursion in the most bug riddled areas, the use of the Texsport Wilderness Hammock with Mosquito Netting will keep you bite free and in total bliss. The hammock is made of one hundred percent cotton material that will envelope you in luxurious comfort while the nylon top keeps you dry and safe from the elements. The bugs will be held at bay while you fall into a deep sleep which is one that only the outdoor air can provide.