The Koala Portable Camping Hammock is a 2 Person/Double hammock.  This package somes with stuff sack, two carbiners and holds 400 pounds. It’s a lightweight and ultra-portable camping hammock. It is manufactured by Koala Outdoors and it is ideal for hammock camping, boating, beach, and hiking or even just for placing in your backyard. Here are some of the key features of this hammock.


With a large, 400 lb capacity, the Koala 2 person camping hammock can easily seat two people without ripping or breaking. Actually, the 400 lbs capacity will also be the perfect fit for a bigger solo camper searching for a spacious hammock. The strength to support this impressive weight is due to the high-quality rip-stop parachute nylon fabric.

For many hammock campers, the ability to set up the hammock without damaging the tree is quite important. That is why the Koala Portable Camping Hammock is a tree-friendly hammock. Each strap is made of polyester, which helps to protect the tree as you set up the hammock.

Easy to Set Up

For those who have never even dealt with setting up a hammock, you will find it easy to get your Koala portable hammock set up. No fancy equipment is needed since everything you need is included in the packaging, from the aluminum carabiners to the tree friendly straps. The package comes in one waterproof dry back and an additional stuff bag. It is a nice idea and helps with planning your backpacking items.

Comfortable and Roomy

When it comes to comfort, the Koala 2 person camping hammock is roomier, measuring at 300X200cm. It will comfortably seat and sleep two people, and you are guaranteed of relaxing sleep. Even sitting on the hammock side by side will still give your sufficient comfort for resting after a long hike.

At first, it may seem that the material is very thin, as it resembles parachute material. However, once you sit on the hammock and also lay in it for a while, you will realize that the material is not only lightweight but also strong. It uses an innovative quick dry fabric, which makes it mold and mildew resistant and also simple to clean.


Finally, is the Koala Portable Camping Hammock good value for money? Yes, it is. All the essential products you need to set up the hammock are included in the package, which means you do not need to buy any other accessories separately. This single or 2 person hammock is definitely a recommended by to anyone looking for a convenient way of camping.