Tying a hammock knot is one of those tasks that isn’t really difficult (once you’ve got it down) but is oh-so important.  You’ll want to make sure that the hammock you’re using can support your weight and the straps are sturdy enough.  However, there’s nothing worse than getting on a hammock that’s tied to two trees and having it slide down the trunk because you just don’t have a clue.

A Simple 1-2-3 on How to Tie a Hammock Knot

Hammock Knot Step 1

Hammock Knot Step 2

Hammock Knot step 3

Using the technique shown above, courtesy of Hobo Hammocks, this knot will never come undown or “break”.  The hammock itself will tear before this knot comes apart.  The best part?  When you’re ready to pack up and go or just want to relocated you hammock, all you have to do is pull in the free tail of the knot and it comes out instantly.  #boom.  You’re welcome.