If you are looking for an ultralight hammock that’s also ultra-affordable, then the Grand Trunk Ultralight Travel Hammock is a great option.  This hammock weighs only 16 ounces, making it great for backpacking, traveling, and even backyards. However, there are some downfalls to this hammock.


The biggest thing about this hammock is how light it is, and how compact it can be packed. The hammock comes in a storage pack that is attached to the side of the hammock when it is set up. The fabric is a piece of parachute nylon that can hold up to 250 pounds. This could be a problem for some people, as this could not be the weight support they need. You can double the hammock up with another hammock, to make it more supportive.

The seams are triple-stitched, making unlikely to rip at the seams. The nylon is as comfortable as cotton, even if you are in humid conditions. This is usually overlooked by many users of the hammock, as overly synthetic fabrics usually create a clammy feeling, which makes them uncomfortable. The fabric is also machine washable. This makes it easy to get out dirt, sweat, and the campfire smells. It also dries very quickly, due to the light weight fabric.

The Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock has hooks on each end, and ropes. While hooks are not the preferred option for many people, they can be switched for carabiners. Depending on where you are staying and the distance between the trees, the ropes that come with the hammock could be too short. You can switch the rope for longer options, in just a few minutes. Just remember to check the limits of anything that you plan to replace to make sure that it is able to hold the weight.

Setup and tear down of the hammock only takes a few minutes. Setup will take about five minutes since you may need to make adjustments to find the best setup. This means that you can setup just about anywhere that has nicely spaced trees within a few minutes, even if you are by yourself.

Overall, this hammock is a good option if you want a good, and budget friendly option. With the compact design and weighing very little, this one of the best options for a hammock. Being affordable (Get Price!), this is what many people are adding to their BUG out bags, or get home bags. While there are few things that could be changed, like longer ropes or having carabiners, these things are minor compared to the benefits of the hammock. Most of the changes can be completed if you are on a budget, and in a few minutes. However, if you are near the weight limit, you will have to careful.