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Knowledge of fasteners: principle of the rivet nut


Clinching nuts, also known as rivet nut or ring nut, which mainly used a nut on a thin plate or sheet metal, shape is rounded, with embossed gear guide Groove at one end. Note When you install rivet nut installation methods and principles have been identified, but presses the riveting Stud need special crimping device to operate, it also guarantees presses the riveting Stud installation factors essential to keep a steady job performance. Installation should keep crimping machines and presses the riveting Stud head vertical balance, even under pressure.

Pressure riveting nut of work principle: through pressure spent tooth pressure into sheet metal gold of pre reset hole also, General and party pre reset hole of Aperture slightly is less than pressure riveting nut of pressure spent tooth, through pressure makes pressure riveting nut of spent tooth squeeze into Board within makes led to hole of of around produced plastic deformation, deformation real was squeeze into oriented slot, to produced lock tight of effect. Rivet nut from the material is divided into free cutting steel rivet nut s-shaped, stainless steel rivet nuts-CLS, stainless steel rivet nuts SP and copper, aluminum rivet nut-CLA, respectively, should be in a different environment.

Clinching nuts are the specific advantages of the product: the plate back full-block flat; small and exquisite, applies to all electronic or precision equipment; High torque resistance is equipped with convenient, simply rivet specification series, to meet a variety of design requirements.

金沙娱场 手机版
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