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Traditional type on pulled check water bolt, this paragraph check water bolt is most original of check water bolt, it of most not convenient of place is we in c...
In making the selection of fasteners, stainless steel materials have magnetic doesn't mean its quality level of chromium and stainless steel is actually not ma...
Fastener if you use stainless steel as a main material, you also learn about stainless steel magnetic problem. Stainless steel is generally considered to have magnetic, but after the series of austenitic materials undergo a certain process, is likely to b...
Clinching nuts, also known as rivet nut or ring nut, which mainly used a nut on a thin plate or sheet metal, shape is rounded, with embossed gear guide Groove at one end. Note When you install rivet nut installation methods and principles have been identi...
Using triangular screw thread fasteners, tooth type diameter thread and pitch elements all load standard called standard threads, tolerance with standard thread...
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