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  • Address:No.25 XiHe Road,Jiu
  • Longhu Town, Zhenhai District,
  • Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province, China
  • Tel:0086-574-86531888
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 Ningbo Ningli High-Strength Fastener Co., Ltd


Ningbo Ningli High-Strength Fastener Industrial Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994,Its predecessor is Zhenghai High-Strength Fastener Industrial Corporatin,who was renamed as Ningbo Ningli High-Strength Fastener Industrial Co.,Ltd in 1998,The company is a manufactuer specialized in producting various of models and specification of High-Strength Fastener products.

 Through years of development, the Company has total assets of 260 million yuan, a registered capital of 48 million yuan, an area of 63,350 square meters, and 428 employees, of whom 302 are high school or above certificate holders, accounting for 70.56% of the total employees. With the social development and market expansion, the Company has set up 17 sales branches in China. In addition, Jiangsu Ningli High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd. was established in September 2005, with a floor area of 86,000 square meters.

The Company boasts its strong technical strength, complete production equipment and perfect test facilities. Its main productionequipment includes eight sets of 1,000kg/h continuous methanol carburizing heat treatment equipment, over 40 3-station screw shaping machines with the specification from JBF-7B-3S to JBF-30B-3S, more than 50 auxiliary thread rolling machines, over 10 4-station screw shaping machines with the specification from JBF-10B-4S to JBF-36B-4S, five NF-11B-5S nut shaping machines, eight four-axis tapping machines with the specification from ANT-11B to ANT-32B, more than 50 multi-station joint automated cold heading machines with the specification from Z47-6/3 to Z47-24/3, four electric heating hot forging IF stoves, and more than 20 auxiliary equipment.




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