The SingleNest by ENO is described as a lightweight camping hammock that is made from parachute-grade nylon and available in myriads of colors.  On first look, you may say that it is only ideal for campers that are slightly small.  Some of us will prefer a bigger hammock since we think that it provides us a higher level of comfort.  Let us take a look at the different features of the Eagles Nest Outfitters – SingleNest Hammock and analyze if it is a great camping gear.


The parachute-grade nylon material of the camping hammocks allows it to stretch and support the position of our body.  Some people may find it uncomfortable during the initial try, but you will soon realize that the manufacturer is trying to find a balance between the durability, comfort and the weight of the product.  It is a perfect hammock to use during the summer season.  But during different weather condition, additional accessories such as rain fly may require extra space.

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The ENO SingleNest weighs at about 17 ounces which means that it is only slight heavy compared to the ultralight Pronest.  But unfortunately, it is lacking of added accessory such as the rain fly and the bug net in order to make it suitable for different conditions.  In case that you want to purchase the ENO SingleNest, you will need to purchase a separate bug net and rain fly to upgrade your camping hammock.  It has a high-quality carabiner made from aluminum that is also light and durable. When you are stuffing the ENO SingleNest, the hammock reduces to the smallest size.  They are even smaller compared to the Pronest.

When it comes to the durability, the carabiner will surely hold your hammock.  You will also not experience the common wearing and tearing that you normally notice on the DoubleNest after only a few uses.  The parachute-grade nylon allows the fiber to stretch and be flexible preventing any damage that may experience due to pressure and weight.  Each seam in this Hammock is stitched three times allowing it to be on its best condition on different condition.

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Final Analysis

It is available for a relatively low cost which means that it is one of the most economical camping hammocks in the market today.  And with the super light and durable carabiner, that will support your outdoor experience; this is definitely a gadget that has the best value.  You still need to consider that you need to purchase a separate suspension and cord which may increase your expense.

With the different parachute-grade nylon that is currently offered in the market today, it is very essential for the hammock to stand out. The lightweight and tiny Eagles Nest Outfitters – SingleNest Hammock is what makes it super special.