Hammocks are a great sleeping option for camping. They are much more comfortable over all. If you plan to have two people in a hammock, you are going to need one that is wider than normal, especially if you need to have more room to move around while you sleep. The Eagles Nest Outfitter DoubleNest Hammock is one of the larger options for a hammock.


Like many of the other products from Eagles Nest Outfitter, the DoubleNest hammock comes in its own sack that is about 4 inches by 4inches by 5 inches. The weight is about 22 ounces. While it is not the lightest hammock on the market, it is still lighter than a tent. The weight could be a problem if you are trying to keep your pack as light as possible.  However, it is only a few ounces more than many of the ultralight options.

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Once the hammock is unfolded, it measures nine feet and four inches by six feet and eight inches. This could be a little short for some people to be a camping hammock. It is also too small width-wise to hold two grown adults to sleep in for a whole night. However, the hammock is able to hold two sitting adults comfortably.  Therefore, it is still a comfortable size for most people, and it is still very portable.

The DoubleNest Hammock is made from a lightweight parachute nylon, which allows it to hold up very well to use, and weather. The seams are triple-stitched. The DoubleNest Hammock comes with carabiners, which are very heavy. Some of the weight of the hammock can be cut by switching the carabiners out with lighter and stronger carabiners on the market. Make sure that the carabiners that you are switching to can hold the amount of weight that you will be putting on them. The load capacity on the DoubleNest is around 500 pounds. This is about what two adults would weigh, so this makes sense.

The one thing that you should note about the Eagles Nest Outfitter Double Nest Hammock is that is does not come with its own ropes. Eagles Nest Outfitter has SlapStraps designed to go with their hammocks, but you need to buy them separately.

Overall, the Eagles Nest Outfitter Double Nest Hammock is a great starter hammock, for those looking for a compact hammock. It is easy to set up, versatile, and compact. The weight of the hammock could be an issue for some campers, but you can do some modifications to cut down the weight. Also, the lack of ropes can be a problem for some. However, Eagles Nest Outfitters have a lot of accessories on their website that can be used with all of their hammocks.