The Driftsun Portable Lawn, Patio, and Camping Hammock are amazingly easy to assemble, and its functionality will astound you. The additional canopy and the insulated cooler provide the user with more enjoyment, so they are relaxing in both style and comfort. This unique canopied hammock is strong, convenient and provides protection and versatility that will amaze you. The bright orange color is very vivid and will attract attention and will provide the ultimate in comfort, style, and strength for your next outdoor party, tail gate gathering or camping trip.

The Convenience is Strong

The Driftsun Portable Lawn, Patio and Camping Hammock with Canopy for Sun Protection and Comfort have been skillfully engineered using strong polyester material that can hold up to two hundred and fifty pounds with ease. The base is made of solid metal and can be folded up to fit into the carrying case. The entire hammock assembly fits conveniently into the backpack carry case for easy transportation to any party, camping and hiking trips or wherever your fun packed summer takes you.

Versatility That Provides Protection

If you are planning a trip to the park or going to the big game and want to tail gate in luxury, this hammock is versatile enough to provide comfort and protection wherever you want to go. With its built-in cup holder along with the insulated cooler that can hold up to nine cans gives you instant accessibility to your favorite beverages. The removable canopy is easy to assemble, disassemble and can be adjusted to any angel to protect you from the sun. It comes with a rain fly to give you direct protection from overhead sun or rain. If you find yourself in need of shelter because you are caught in a rain storm, climb into the comfort of this hammock for complete protection from the elements.

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The beautiful blaze orange Driftsun Portable Lawn, Patio and Camping Hammock with Canopy for Sun Protection and Comfort will amaze you with how portable, comfortable and feature rich it is. The easy and fast set-up and tear down of the hammock allows for time spent enjoying yourself and relaxing. The convenient backpack carry case will make portability simple and efficient, and the features provide all the creature comforts most look for when relaxing. So pull out the included pillow, lie down on your comfortable hammock, enjoy your favorite beverage and your surroundings, and simply relax in comfort and style.