Camping is usually a fun outdoor experience…particularly if you possess all the camping gear that you need.  Due to the comfort and benefits that a camping hammock provides to the campers, it is now the more favorable choice among the backpackers.  They come with different features such as bug net and rain fly to provide a security against insect bites and harsh weather condition.  On the off chance that you want to appreciate the warmth ray of the sun, you can simple let the bug net dangle at the bottom part.  One of the best camping hammocks that possess this feature would be the Blue Sky Outdoor Mosquito Traveler Hammock with Free Tree Straps.

Blue Sky Outdoor Mosquito Traveler Hammock with Free Tree Straps Feature Review

One of the most commendable features of the mosquito net hammock would be the comfort that it provides to the campers as well as the simplicity of setting up.  You will initially notice that it has no tendency to develop any rope mark or pressure point after using it.  It is manufactured using a sturdy parachute material that is designed to support over 330 lbs of weight.  Compared with other camping hammock, it is designed to support people with various heights since it measures at about 115×54 inches.

Blue Sky camping hammock review

The bug net that comes with the hammock has at least 2100 holes/ square inch.  The sheer size of the holes makes it generally impossible for any type of bugs to penetrate it but still allows the fresh breeze of the outdoor to cool you.  It also allows you to comfortably breathe without feeling any suffocation.  The mosquito net has a very fine-tooth zipper that keeps the net secured.

The body is made from parachute-grade nylon which makes it super light and sturdy that distribute the entire weight of the user evenly on the surface of Blue Sky Outdoor Mosquito Traveler Hammock with Free Tree Straps.  It also dry very quick which is ideal for places with high level of moisture.  In case you do not prefer the mosquito net, simply flip it over and use it as a regular camping hammock.

When you buy this camping hammock, you will also receive the integrated case which will make it super convenient to carry and travel with and lug around. It is also a perfect place to keep all your gear in case you are relaxing.  Blue Sky is one of the fastest growing businesses in the field of outdoor sports that offers quality and state of the art camping gear.

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and prepared to tackle any challenges that the outdoor can give you, use this Blue Sky Outdoor Mosquito Traveler Hammock with Free Tree Straps.

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