Best Camping Hammock Brands | Hiking Hammock Brand Names

Couple lazing in a hammock while camping looking out over oceanA hammock is a hammock, right? Not so much. We’ll introduce you to the best camping and hiking hammock makers right here.

You’ll know that you’ve really graduated to “pro” status when you’re able to spend a few days in the outback hanging from a tree…on a hammock.  Seriously. Is there anyone that looks more comfortable sleeping in the outdoors than that guy or gal that’s lounging and swaying on a hammock?  Nope.

Every brand is going to be different in some small way or another.  There are quality brands of hammocks out there that are awesome for camping.  Then there are others that are just cheap knock-offs.

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters (ENO)


It’s real easy to skip over this hammock brand when you’re shopping on Amazon because a lot of the time they’re listed as “ENO” instead of their full name, so be on the look out for both.

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters is a really cool company.  They believe in giving back and living proudly within a hammock culture.

They’re constantly featured in camping & hiking magazines, events, and television shows…and for good reason. ENO is our TOP CHOICE for hammock brands.

Check out some of the ENO Models we’ve already reviewed:

Trek Light Gear

Trek Light Gear is proudly based in Bolder, Colorado.  They have a great quote on their homepage that says: “You should spend at least 10 minutes in hammock everyday unless you’re too busy.  Then you should spend an hour.” And that pretty much sums up what a chill company TLG is.

They make great gear and hammocks to go along with all that chill, too.

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk was established in 2001 by two dudes who didn’t know each other and who crossed paths in Thailand.  (Probably on some epic adventure)  They loved to travel and wanted to keep people off the ground.  They aim to “elevate” your travels where you may go.  They’re doing it right.

Check out these Grand Trunk Hammocks:


One guy who just wanted to design and build a single hammock.  That’s all he wanted.  Chris Loidolt took his parachute gear and a dream to Kickstarter and today they make ultra-light, durable and smaller packing area than many hammocks on the market.  Don’t believe me?

Check out these Hummingbird treasures:


Hennessey Hammocks claim to be the “coolest hammocks in the world”.

Tom Hennessey lives off the west coast of Canada on Galiano Island. He loved his old Army hammock but loaned it to someone who never returned it.  So, he bought materials and set out to duplicate it by memory.

Here are some Top Notch Hennessey Hammocks:

Hennessy Hammock – Expedition Zip Hennessy Hammock – Explorer Deluxe Classic

Texsport Wilderness

By all accounts, when researching Texsport Wilderness hammocks, they don’t account to much.  Their business site is kind of cluttered and dated.  But, dang, do these people make a great camping hammock!

Check out these great hammocks from Texsport Wilderness:


Run by a couple of Norwegian outdoor engineers who have the need to explore nature running through their blood.  (Cool line taken from their website!)

The company was formed very recently in 2013 and is best known for their one of a kind camping hammock:  the Draumr 3.0

Amok Hammocks we like: