The Ultimate Online Guide for Getting the Perfect Camping Hammock in 2017

Getting to Know Camping and Hiking Hammocks

Hiking is without a doubt a great undertaking, awesome hobby, and demanding sport. Taking a trip through nature and spending the night under the starry sky is without a doubt an experience that’s worth the time. However, there are quite a few things that you might want to take into consideration prior to going out and camping in the middle of nowhere.

Right off the bat, you need to make sure that you have the proper equipment to ensure that everything about the trip will perform the way it’s supposed to.  Mainly, you’ll want a hammock that isn’t a burden to carry, is comfortable to spend a single or numerous nights on, and is able to perform in any way you may need (i.e. rain cover, mosquito protection, etc).

When it comes down to it, having the right bedding is top on the priority list to most campers and hikers.  Apart from food and water, shelter and clothing come next.  A hammock is without a doubt one of the things that you might want to account for and invest some decent research and money in. It is a convenient sleeping space which is quick & easy to assemble and disassemble.  And MUCH lighter in comparison to carrying tents.

Let’s take a look at the different types of hammocks and see which one would be the best for you.

Most Recommended Lightweight Hammocks for Camping and Trekking

  • Product
  • Features
  • Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest
  • Supports up to 400 lbs.

    Light weight. Ultra Portable

    Sets up quick and easy.

    Ideal for hiking & camping!
  • Timberec Double Hammock
  • Ultra Comfortable

    Lightweight-ideal for hiking. Easy sacking easily.


    Versatile: Use any place
  • LEADSTAR Double Hammock
  • One of the larger, double hammocks

    Comes with bag, two ropes and two carabiners.

    Soft, comfortable & Durable.

    Storage Pouch.
  • Himal Outdoor Travel Hammock
  • Lightweight nylon fabric.

    500 lb capacity.

    Carabiners of strong steel.

    Versatile & Durable
  • Koala Portable Camping Hammock
  • 10 feet long and 6 feet wide

    Includes: Hammock, stuff sack, carabiners, straps.

    Waterproof dry bag (Bonus!)

    Triple stitched Ripstop Nylon

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest

At just 22 oz and its own stuff sack that is no bigger than a large wallet, the ENO DoubleNest is out #1 for your next camping hammock.  It’s made from ultra-light, durable, and stretchy parachute nylon that makes for an easy hang and a comfortable night’s sleep.

Don’t be shy, though!  You can hang your ENO DoubleNest anywhere, at any time.  Throw it up in your backyard for a relaxing nap!

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Timberec Double Hammock

The Timberec Double is something that we like to bill as the “romantic hammock” because not only is it a great, light, hiking/camping hammock but it’s also the perfect hammock to hang near a dock, between two palms at a beach, and snuggle with your honey.  Don’t get it twisted, though:  It’s also in our Top 5 choices for the ultimate hiking hammock.

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Leadstar Double Hammock

This baby can hold up to 660 lbs and still be an easy-to-carry hammock for any kind of hiking or camping trip that you’ll be taking.  One of our favorite things about the Leadstar Double Hammock is that there’s a stuff sack built into/onto the hammock! The fabric feels soft and sleek to the touch and provide a great night sleep or lounging time.

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Himal Outdoor Travel Hammock

The Himal is our “diamond in the rough” choice.  It’s not pretty and may not be as well known as some of the other hammocks but this product can pack up into the size of a grapefruit and carried for about 1 lb. (The double size is about 2 lb).

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Koala Portable Camping Hammock

In true, hiking hammock fashion, the Koala portable camping hammock is feather light.  You might think we’re exaggerating but check out these quick stats:  At 1.5 lbs and a whole bunch of extra stuff to come with the hammock, this is a great start hammock because it comes with just about anything you’ll need for a great trek and camping trip.

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Hiking Hammocks on Amazon

Product Brand List Price
Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock - Lightweight Nylon WINNER OUTFITTERS $70.00
Homitt 2 Person Outdoor Camping Hammock Homitt $49.99

Parachute Nylon Hammocks

This is our pick for the best hammock for camping. They are incredibly durable and highly resistant and have an additional bit of stretch that makes the units incredibly comfortable. They are perfect if you want to go out camping and sleeping in them for a several nights in a row. They are available in both double and single models so you can take your pick according to your needs.

Ultralight Hammocks

As the name suggests, these are definitely among the most convenient hammocks to carry in your backpack as they are made out of incredibly light materials. This is also their main designation – to be used for rather fast or long hiking trips.  Why?  The faster you need to go, the lighter your load should be.  The farther you need to go, the lighter you’ll want your load to be. However, you have to be aware of the fact that due to their light weight they are also a bit less durable (generally speaking) and don’t come with all of the “bells & whistles” that others may.

Expedition Hammocks

If you’re looking for the best hammock for camping this is certainly going to be one of your top choices. The reason is quite simple – they are designated for longer treks and they come with additional perks. Guy-lines, mosquito nets, and rain fly protection are additions that you can expect.

As you can see, there are quite a few different types of hammocks for you pick from. However, the best one will greatly depend on your particular needs and intention of use such as the nature of the camping trip that you are going to be undertaking. All of them have specifics which are worth taking a look at. Make sure that you pick the one which is most convenient for your needs by weighing their advantages and disadvantages for your particular trip requirements.

9 Benefits of Camping With A Hammock

Hammocks are just fun to sleep in. There is no question about that, but is that really the only reason that so many people are choosing to pack out with a hammock instead of a tent? No, of course not! There are a lot of reasons to choose a hammock over a tent, and only one of those reasons is because of how fun they are to sleep in. For some, it helps you sleep cooler and safer. For others, it might help you fall asleep faster. So what benefits can you get from sleeping in a hammock?

Stays Off the Ground

No more worrying about scrapping muck and dead leaves off the bottom of your tent or having a root digging into the small of your back all night. When you are hanging above the ground, it keeps your hammock cleaner and it lets your body actually rest. This means you don’t have to worry about how wet or rocky your campsite is, since you won’t actually be sleeping on it.

Fall Asleep Faster

As you don’t have any rocks digging into you and it doesn’t feel like your ribs will literally break if you continue to sleep on your side, you will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Not only are you more comfortable in a hammock that hits no pressure points unlike sleeping on the ground, but the gentle rocking is the definition of soothing.

Pitches Faster

While there are plenty of simpler tents out there, if you manage to end up with a super complex one, it can take you hours to set it up properly. With the hammock, it is pretty straight forward. You just make sure the right way is facing up and tie some sturdy knots in the appropriate places. Even if you are completely new to hammocks, the process should only take you 15 to 30 minutes which leaves a lot of time to set up the rest of your camp before sundown.

It is so easy to pitch that you will see a few hikers now and then lounging in a hammock as they eat their lunch. It is a great way to keep away from bugs and let your feet air out a bit.

No Unexpected Guests

Whenever you sleep on the ground, you always run the risk that you will wake up with something crawling into your tent or your sleeping bag. I mean, you are right there on the ground and toasty warm, so why wouldn’t something cold-blooded want to cuddle up? In areas where many of those critters mean potential death, they use hammocks and other off the ground techniques to avoid the trouble. While they can still get in if they really want to, you aren’t making it easy on them.

Optimum Air Circulation

There are only a few temperatures in a tent. Either it is muggy hot, but you can’t open the tent flap because of bugs and no mosquito netting, or it is freezing cold and it feels like there is not tent there at all. While hammocks can still get pretty chilly, you will never find a more refreshing way to sleep when it is hot. Hammocks provide excellent air circulation so that it lets all your parts stay cool. When it comes to keeping your parts warm, you will need a strong sleeping bag or an underquilt.

Easier to Pack

There are no tent stakes to break down and pick up, you don’t really have to worry how you fold it up either, a hammock is the simplest sleeping device to break down. This is why so many hikers on tight schedules typically choose them. Not only they, but they end up much lighter than typical tents.


You know what they say, great camping sites are found, not made. While a tent pretty much limits you to flat ground that has been cleared of brush and brambles, you can essentially put a hammock up anywhere with trees, or without, if you have the right equipment. This means that you can get killer views that you could have never have dreamed of with a tent as you make any site your campsite.

Great Value

When you buy a camping hammock, so many companies offer you lifetime warranty, which is actually pretty encouraging. You don’t offer lifetime warranties if you aren’t confident that your product will last a lifetime. With rip stop fabric, high tensile strength thread, and triple stitched seams, you have a hammock that isn’t going to rip after the first night. In fact, you probably have a product that was created to last longer than your old camping tent.

Leaves No Trace

Leaving no trace is the camper’s motto and important to people who spend a lot of time outdoors. While as long as you pack out properly, tents can have the same effect, hammocks are more effective. For hammocks, you don’t need to clear brush from a site, you don’t have to remove ground obstacles, and you don’t pack the soil. The only thing you risk damaging are the trees you use for the hang, but providing you use good judgement, it won’t be an issue.

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Knowing What to Look for in a Good Hiking/Camping Hammock

If you plan to buy a hammock, it does not matter where you plan to buy it from, or your budget. What does matter when you are buying a hammock is what you are looking for in the hammock. There are many hammocks that are high quality, but there are also cheaply made hammocks that you should leave in the store. Here are some tips that you should use to find the best hammock for your needs, and one that will survive at least a few years.

Two Person Hammocks

If you plan to have a guest over, or plan to sleep or nap in your hammock with a partner, a two person hammock would be the best option. There are smaller amounts of options for two person hammocks. When you are looking for a two person hammock, you will need to check that the hammock is able to hold both you and your partner. If a hammock is not strong enough to hold two people, it could lead to injury.

Weight Limitstimberrec 2 person hammock

Hammocks have weight limits stated on the packaging or web page. This limit is how much weight the hammock can hold, and past this point, it could fall apart. Every hammock has a different weight that it can handle. It is also better to pick a hammock that is able to handle more weight than what you need it to hold. The weight capacity is a sign of a well-built hammock, which is made from durable materials.

The Width and Length

If you are looking to buy a hammock that is comfortable, you need to think about how long and wide you need the hammock to be. Some people find a hammock that is smaller and compact, comfortable. While other people need extra width and length to be comfortable on a hammock. Most people like to have a hammock that is around the same length as their height, if not a little longer. The measurements for the hammock will be on the box or the web page. Each hammock will have its own measurement, so you should double-check before buying.

Picking and buying the right hammock can make your life easier. No matter if you plan to go on trips, camp, or just relax in your backyard. When you are shopping for the best hammock for you, you should have an idea of what you are looking for. If you know your budget, the size, and quality you are looking for, it makes it easier for you to find a hammock that will be comfortable and last a long time. Take your time researching the different types and brands available, before you go and buy your hammock. This can help you save time and money in the long run.

Other Equipment Important for Camping and Backpacking

Of course, if you’re going camping then you’ll need more than just a hammock.  We’ve put together a few notes on some other important camping equipment that you’ll need in order to remain safe, warm, and comfortable:

Water and Food:

Always the most important thing for survival is water and then food.  The easiest way to keep your thirst quenched and to stay hydrated on the trail or while camping is a good hydration pack. Camping food will come in many forms.

Proper Clothing:  

Staying warm, cool, covered and comfortable is paramount for you to have a good camping trip with the guys or with the family.  Make sure that you’re aware of the weather extremes (temp highs and lows) and prepare with adequate clothing.

Tents and Sleeping Bags:

There are different types and rated tents and sleeping bags.  Warm weather or hot weather.  This may be the most important items to ensure are made of quality material.  Most other pieces of camping gear are pretty easy to mend on the go or perhaps suffer through a little bad-tasting trail food for  awhile.  When a tent or a sleeping bag is hard to dry or easy to tear then you might be a poop creek without a paddle.

Emergency and First Aid Kits:

Anything can happen and when it does, it’s usually unexpected. Ensuring that you have some basic first aid training and an adequate med kit along with methods to send emergency signals may save a life.

Proper Training & Experience:

Do you know how to read a map?  Can you follow a compass?  The ability to forage and fish for food is still another talent and skill that is important on the trails.  There are countless others as well.

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Staying Warm Sleeping in a Hammock

The thing with sleeping on a hammock while camping is that they’re pretty much made to keep you cool in the summer months.  Remember, the lighter the hammock the easier to carry.  However, that also means that you’re probably going to get cold if you’re sleeping with ONLY a hiking hammock.  Know what I mean?

PRO TIP:  Stay away from the canvas/cotton hammocks as they are made for more of a home/permanent setting.  They’re stronger, heavier, and will be far more difficult to transport and hike with for a camping setting.

How to Make a Hammock Warm for Cooler Temps

Simple answer: Accessorize!

You can get sleeping backs, over quilts and under quilts to keep the chill away from your weary bones.  Here’s the key, though:  Make sure to place under quilts UNDER the hammock and not UNDER your body but on top of the hammock.  The reason for this is that your body compresses the fabric and/or filling in the quilt and reduces the amount of insulation.  In other words, if you sleep ON an under quilt then you’re really not allowing it to do what it was made to do.

Need more Hammocking Accessories?

Bug Screens

You can get complete insect protection with total coverage (or 360 degrees) screens.  An add-on bug screen (sold here) can also work great.  There are other options, too, such as a non-net covering that is similar to insect yard barriers that you spray around you.  There are even pre-treated hammocks that are repel insects.

This is important if you’re camping and hiking in insect prone/infected areas.

Tarps/Rain Covers

Many of the hammock makers and products that we review here on Camp150 will provide (as an optional or included purchase) a weather covering.